By standard doctrine, Christ died for our sins. Jezebel is, presumably, an allusion to a wicked figure in the Old Testament. In the summation of one site, "[a]s a woman seeking more power, she sought to destroy those who questioned her, and most of the prophets of Yahweh were murdered at her request." The name does seem fitting for a site with the motto "Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth" and any number of provocative headlines and controversial articles.

Thus, the title of this piece, "Jezebel died for the web publishing’s sins" is inaccurate, indeed sacrilegious. Whatever else might be said of Brand Safety and the prospect of profitable advertising, Jezebel died for its own sins.

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Media brands being like bands with a few hits who then suffer bitter break ups is a hilarious and likely accurate analogy!

As to advertising having been swallowed by direct marketing: true, of course, but I wonder if it’s possible that brand marketing could make a comeback someday. The 1960s Creative Revolution was in part a reaction to the increase in quantification of market research and computerized media buying--perhaps a return to the unquantifiable appeal will return again.

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