Sitemap - 2022 - The Rebooting

Things I learned this year

Trendlines of 2023

Getting fitter

Fixing local news

RIP platisher

The limits of going direct

Revenge of the makers

Micropayments again

Sam has crazy hair!

What's next for ad tech

Delusions of grandeur

Finding middle ground

Silicon Valley's pivot to paid

Big Tech in transition

Two years in

AI is coming for media

The rebirth of magazines

Unbundling the news article

Ephemeral brands

6am’s playbook for sustainable local news

After the newsletter boom


Numbers games

Going solo

What comes next for subscriptions

New podcast

The flight to niche

The trade magazine that’s also a real estate developer

House of personal brands

The Future playbook for sustainable publishing


The business of hip hop

Makers and takers

The triumph of DC media

The dishwasher chronicles

The Hustle 2.0

Gary in Chicago

The $100m publisher you don't know

Why Industry Dive won

B2B shouldn't be boring

Paperboy chronicles

The rebundling

Toxic positivity


The Dotdash playbook

Cannes rules

Slow news

Humanistic media

The Barstool playbook

Why events still matter

Time’s Web3 bet

Jobs to be done

Morning Brew's creator focus

Volatility and vulnerability

The pivot to privacy

Primary-engagement monetization

The future of Forbes

Arbitrage media

Why The Dispatch is leaving Substack

RIP good times

Publishing as a sales tool

Signaling premium

Human ad products

Rethinking paywalls

The future of work


Independent media in Ukraine


Water & Music’s Cherie Hu on going solo

Slow growth

How Skift survived Covid

The rebirth of native advertising

Jarrod Dicker's sane person's guide to crypto

Substack’s Shopify problem

How Puck is putting creators at the center of a media brand


The Logic’s David Skok on being a journalist founder

The institutional-individual brand continuum

Howard Mittman on 'mission-driven' publishing

End of an era of ad targeting

How Blockworks got to $20m in revenue in 4 years

Peak news

How Famous Birthdays built a data business from celebrity searches

The Mayo Game

Digital advertising's data reset

Primary-engagement media

Jake Sherman on Punchbowl’s $10m first year

The return to scarcity

The Grid’s “fuller-picture” approach to news

The rich niche

How Protocol applies the Politico model to tech

The Roaring 20s of digital publishing

Troy Young on publishing's pivot to individuals

Web3 and its discontents

Axios' Sara Fischer on the year ahead in digital media