About The Rebooting

Founded by Brian Morrissey, The Rebooting explores how to build sustainable businesses in a rapidly changing media industry. Join over 19,000 media executives, operators, and entrepreneurs by subscribing to The Rebooting.

Drawing on his experience as the president and editor-in-chief of Digiday for nearly a decade, Brian brings you unique insight on the trends shaping the future of media. Below are a few examples of themes covered in The Rebooting:

  1. Decline of Mass Media: The shift from mass media to lean, niche media businesses operated by individuals or small teams. We explore how this change affects consumer trust in media, leads to a fragmented digital media landscape​​, and the challenges it presents to publishers.
  2. Platform-Publisher Relationships: The evolving dynamics between tech platforms and publishers, including the decline of traffic from social media, the end of reliance on advertising models, and the increasing importance of "controllable audiences" through newsletters and direct traffic​​.
  3. Finding the Right Business Model: We discuss how modern media companies can make money and become sustainable businesses. We discuss the evolving landscape of subscriptions, the challenges traditional advertising models face, and the profitability of in-person events.